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Home run derby winners for 2023 season:

**********CONGRATULATIONS **********

Home run derby winners for 2023 season:

Senior boys: Cam Shrewsbury

12U boys: TJ Marcotte

10U boys: Antonio Cerda Jr.

8U boys: Bentley Taylor

6U boys: Lane Cureton

Senior Girls: Brinley Morace

12U girls: Taylor Miller

10U girls: Paisley Johnson

8U girls: Mila Wilson

6U girls: Brielle Schwierman

Mini Tball: Davin Cannon

Fall Ball 2022

Huffman Sports Association

Baseball and softball embody the discipline of teamwork. They challenge players toward perfection of physical skills and bring into play the excitement of tactics and strategy. The very nature of baseball and softball also teach that while every player eventually strikes out or is on the losing team, there is always another chance for success in the next at-bat or game. 

In Huffman we try to teach not only the mechanics of the game but also the lessons of respect, honor and team work. We leave no child behind through our generous sponsors, we have a scholarship program for those who cannot afford to participate. We also have a Challenger division for the amazing children in our area who have physical or mental challenges but still love this game.

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